Company Rescue & Restructuring

As a director or shareholder of a company which is experiencing financial issues, it is sometimes extremely difficult to prepare and implement a strategy that will change the fortunes of the business. At Keywood Group we regularly assist business owners and management to explore the different options available.

A company rescue or restructuring can take many forms depending on the circumstances of the business. Sometimes, where short term cash flow constraints exist, this can be achieved by exploring the various finance available to businesses.


Alternatively, if a finance option is unlikely to improve the longevity of the business, there are specific insolvency processes available that protect a company from creditor pressure whilst a restructure is undertaken. This will typically be achieved by one of the following processes:


Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

Starting Over

The key to a successful rescue or restructuring strategy is timing. At Keywood Group we would strongly urge business owners and management to contact us at an early stage to explore the available options.  

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